Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why do we suffer the traffic in Los Angeles?

It seems to me that we accept the over population and growth in Los Angeles, ignoring the fact that our Freeways are antiquated and small. We are a car culture, and we pay a lot for in taxes, both income and sales, and yet, a 17 mile drive averages and hour plus.

For those of you reading this wondering where it takes an hour+ to drive 17 miles, it is the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. In particular, the stretch between the 105 freeway at LAX to the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley. 5, 6, and at times 7 lanes of parking lot. Are we allowing to many people to move in and live here, is government hoarding our tax revenues for their special interests? Why are our freeways parking lots? This city is being poorly managed and left to sit and wait in congestion and gridlock, while we pay through the nose.

Is there a solution? Do we control growth, limit housing growth, or just raise taxes? What is the solution, is there one? We need better, stronger leadership to tackle this problem and rid LA of it's CalTrans parking lots.

Come on Arnold, and you even live here...


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