Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Smog Genie is Out...

The world's leading climate scientists said global warming has begun, is "very likely" caused by man, and will be unstoppable for centuries, according to a report obtained Friday by The Associated Press.
Not Maybe, not kinda, not well possibly, but very likely. Not enough to convict a man in a criminal trial, but strong enough to condem us to a hotter, stormier, and fouled planet.

What I would like to know, from industry and the gross polluters, is what do you think I should tell my children. The one thing I will tell them, and make sure they remember, are what products not to buy and what companies to hold at fault.

This isn't a joke, I don't care if it bankrupts you, I actually hope it does. We should carve your names in stone, so centuries from now our ancestors (should any make it) will know who was at fault... The automotive, energy, oil and the US policy makers who continue to turn a blind polluted eye.

Remember, your children and grand children will be living through this too.


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