Monday, January 30, 2006

Buddy Jesus

You may get offended by this, if you even read it, but I have to say that I really do like the idea of the Buddy Jesus. It strikes me that if Jesus was an X-Gamer, hanging with Tony Hawk, and watching Bam Magera on Viva la Bam, that this would be the guy you'd meet. he's not some stuffy over bearing guy who disapproves of you being different, and he's not some latin speaking pontif. he's a 30 something guy trying to relate to people his age to get his message out.

He's your buddy, Jesus.

Are you offended by that? Why? Jesus can be your buddy too.


At 5:49 PM, Blogger Stu said...

To me all religion(including atheism and secular humanism) is man-made and bogus. I grew up in "christianity" and moved onto the messianic movement, now I consider myself to be a TRUTH(100% truth) seeker. After several decades, I am close to 50 now I have come to the conclusion that all religion is of lucifer, because to me anything less than 100% is a lie. Everybody speaks about having the truth. To me it is impossible for everyone to be right, but it is very possible for everyone to be wrong, including myself. Since many people speak about Jesus and christianity without really knowing what it means. Many people call themselves "christians" and Bush calls himself a "christian", yet his fruit bears him out to be a bonesman. The term "christian" that many church goers use is actually older than 2000 years ago. The verse in Acts is twisted to mean that the disciples started calling themselves "christians" when in fact the verse actually says they were called(by other people). The early disciples considered this to be a put down instead of a compliment, but later on the "churchy" people wore it like a badge of honor, completely unaware of what it meant. The term Jesus comes from Iesous and is supposedly a minor Greek god or the son of Zeus, and in Hebrew it means the horse. This allows those that find the "light" while in the occult to proclaim themselves "christians". Those in the occult and "christianity" worship the same Jesus, with only those in the occult knowing its true meaning.


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