Friday, February 10, 2006

Probably old news

I know this has been around for a long long time, but I finally managed to find myself there today. The arguments are pretty convincing and make a lot of sense, but I wonder if we (America) even care anymore about this. Have the years since 9/11/2001 blurred into obscurity for why we say were are in Iraq?

I'm no Nostradamus, and I have no crystal ball, but my prediction is that we(our government) wanted Iraq as a foot hold to do what we want in the Middle East. A forward base of sorts to attack Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, or whom ever. Why not, we have all our resources there, right?

This same chain made me wonder, if we are building a 100,000+ army of US trained Iraqi's, then we would have an even larger force to walk into Iran, and we lose even fewer US troops.

All of this in the name of oil. I think the US needs to get off the need for oil. Alternative fuels, horseback, hell bicycle or walk. This crack like addiction to oil will be our undoing. We need to find alternatives. Maybe if we put half the $ amount into government research for alternatives that we are for the "war" effort maybe we'd find some.

This really will be our undoing. And were all worried how the Arab world will respond to cartoons. We have an unholy dependance to foreign oil that we are fighting for, pandering to, and paving with bodies. Is that worth the gas in our SUV's?

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