Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why old radio sucks.

These are the reasons that I abandoned terrestrial radio. I know, big deal, satellite radio is wack, but you know, since I've had it, the only station I listen to is NPR, and that's only on the days I'm wanting to feel sophisticated.

I bought into the idea of satellite when Howard Stern went over back in January. I honestly didn't like the idea of it, but wanted to listen to Stern. For the first few weeks, I would only dabble in the channels, listening to an occasional song, but then going back to my usual stations here in LA.

Now, I don't think I've listened to FM since the end of February.

It's stories like this one though that remind me why I don't give a rip about old-fashioned radio. But I had to comment, it seems that Clear Channel, the media giant, has sacked 2 station's talent in the last month. So much for the diversity of Los Angeles. I guess our market isn't big enough for good programming. Honestly, I recommend anyone living in LA reading this, look into Satellite Radio.

Otherwise, your just making Clear Channel money to not give you what you want to listen to.

I actually hope they get fined into oblivion by the FCC.

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At 3:01 AM, Blogger Mary and the Widow's Son said...

I've never been a Stern fan, but I love my satellite radio. It plays all the time in the car as well as at home.

I'm an XM subscriber, not Sirius. The music channels are great, as is the comedy channel.


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