Friday, May 05, 2006

Get Out of Iraq now.

It's an Op-ed piece, published in the LA Times. I'm not big on Op-Ed's, opinions are like something else we all have...But this one made a lot of sense to me.

What "we" want does not really matter in this ordeal of nation-building. Removing a head of state and wiping out a system of government does not create an air of stability to create something that never existed in the first place. Instead, we continue to try and make something work that can't.

A civil war in Iraq is inevitable. Like water, the people need to find their balance. I think the problem here is that "we" don't like who "we" see as the victors being. Just like in Palestine, we pushed for an open and democratic election, and now, we don't want to talk to "terrorists" even though they are the elected leadership.

In my Op-Ed, I think "we" are in for a world of problems, all thanks to the Bush administration and the big businesses getting fat from the billion dollar spending bills we keep passing in congress.

We need out of this war, now. I think I'll send a letter to my congress person about it. I wonder if they will have anything to say about it.


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