Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bring us the Head of FEMA

Wow, a hurricane comes and blows your home down, and what do you do? You go on vacation to Hawaii, or better still, you get a sex change operation.

I'm all for helping people in an emergancy, hell I live in California and experienced the northridge earthquake. I remember FEMA here giving loans to people. But what the heck is up with a billion dollars in mis-spent money. Wasn't there any oversight? Whose responsible for this?

Just some of the hilarity:

The FEMA money was intended to help victims pay for food, housing, clothes and other essentials. The subcommittee said that based on the information in the GAO report, it has referred 7,000 cases to the Justice Department for prosecution.

In its report, the GAO found that prisoners applied for assistance from jail phones. Using false identities, they routed the assistance checks to the homes of relatives or friends. One inmate collected $20,000 using a post office box address.

A Texas man filed 19 applications and used the money for a sex-change operation. Elsewhere in Texas, a recipient used FEMA money to buy a diamond ring and other jewelry worth $3,700. FEMA gave an individual $2,358 in rental assistance while paying an additional $8,000 so that same person could stay at a Hawaii hotel for more than two months.

I think Chertoff needs to step down, or be taken down. This is very poor management. I agree with Clinton too, let FEMA be a stand alone agancy, who reports to the President, and not an agency of Homeland Defense.

They admit they were at fault. And so now, tough luck America?

During the hearing, FEMA was attacked for failing to impose controls or checks on the process. Dannels said the agency has taken a number of steps to reduce the potential for fraud, including a new system to verify the identity of individuals registering by telephone.
Someones head needs to roll. Bring us the Head of FEMA

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